Tuesday, March 14, 2023

12U girls practice

 4:30pm - 200 Reverse IM (2 laps free, 2 laps breast, 2 laps back, 2 laps fly)

4:40pm - 8x 50’s free 0n 1:30

On your whistle
4x25 Head up free
4x25 freestyle kick w/sculling hands, head up
4x25 3 strokes stop and go (start with a hard breaststroke kick)
4x25 lunges (fingers wide and fingers firm, lunge at a 45 degree angle)
4x25 3 strokes head up, 3 strokes head down, lots of kick

Legs (lots of jumps, to all directions)

Passing (groups of 3 or 4)
Set up a triangle of a square

Clock wise 50 passes
Counter Clock wise 50 passes
Clockwise Right Back 50 passes
Clockwise 3 fakes 50 passes(elevate after each fake)

5:47pm Passing under pressure
Group of 3 (2 players face each other and one person with the ball, pass to the players feat.  Protect the ball for 3 seconds and then pass back to the passer, then reset and do the same thing with the other player) then rotate

6:05pm - Shooting
2 lines at 6Meters (passer 3 fakes, and pass/Shooter catch and shoot, no fake)

6:15pm add a shot blocker
2 lines shooter can fake and move laterally

6:30pm Clean up

Thursday, March 9, 2023

14u boys/girls practice


Wall Sits



4x25’s Progression
4 laps legs

Sprint SET
10X50’s .45
10-10 stroke sprints back to the wall
10 - reverse scull to shot block, knock down sprint back (use cones)


Egg beater battles with partner.
20 seconds each (5x through)

Front to front

Back to back

Back to chest
Push Down
10 Jumps as high as you can

Passing progression

Counter Clockwise
Hot Spot
3 Fakes
Clockwise w/release
4-3 keep away

2 Lines pass wet and scoop to shooting hand

Shooters at 1,2,4,5

Shot blockers in front of them

4 passes to 1 shot

5 passes to 2 shot

1 passes to 4 shot

2 passes to 5 shot

Each shooter goes twice

Shooters rotate counter clockwise

Shot blockers rotate clockwise

6 on 5


Wednesday, March 8, 2023

14u boys/girls practice

10x100 1:30/1:20
2x25s of each w/ball
Head up, flutter kick w/scull, stop & go, forward lunges, sprints
Find space quick twitch swim on my whistle/direction, with ball

leg w/ball passing to your hands 

Fakes (stationary, then slides)

Passing 100 of each

Monkey in the middle passing

Passing under pressure, force weak side turn and defense counter pivot
Shooting warm up

Pick up and shoot off the water. With a passer. Shooter takes a stroke to the ball and picks up underneath
3 shooters 2 defenders in the gap
1 on 1 drive. Set is on the post, starts with the ball, Defender plays lane and must counter pivot and force over pass.
2 down w/post up
4 down with post up
1 in
5 in

1/2 Court work on defensive lanes and crashing

Add 2 drill
6 on 5 -1/2 court