Wednesday, March 8, 2023

14u boys/girls practice

10x100 1:30/1:20
2x25s of each w/ball
Head up, flutter kick w/scull, stop & go, forward lunges, sprints
Find space quick twitch swim on my whistle/direction, with ball

leg w/ball passing to your hands 

Fakes (stationary, then slides)

Passing 100 of each

Monkey in the middle passing

Passing under pressure, force weak side turn and defense counter pivot
Shooting warm up

Pick up and shoot off the water. With a passer. Shooter takes a stroke to the ball and picks up underneath
3 shooters 2 defenders in the gap
1 on 1 drive. Set is on the post, starts with the ball, Defender plays lane and must counter pivot and force over pass.
2 down w/post up
4 down with post up
1 in
5 in

1/2 Court work on defensive lanes and crashing

Add 2 drill
6 on 5 -1/2 court


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