Tuesday, March 14, 2023

12U girls practice

 4:30pm - 200 Reverse IM (2 laps free, 2 laps breast, 2 laps back, 2 laps fly)

4:40pm - 8x 50’s free 0n 1:30

On your whistle
4x25 Head up free
4x25 freestyle kick w/sculling hands, head up
4x25 3 strokes stop and go (start with a hard breaststroke kick)
4x25 lunges (fingers wide and fingers firm, lunge at a 45 degree angle)
4x25 3 strokes head up, 3 strokes head down, lots of kick

Legs (lots of jumps, to all directions)

Passing (groups of 3 or 4)
Set up a triangle of a square

Clock wise 50 passes
Counter Clock wise 50 passes
Clockwise Right Back 50 passes
Clockwise 3 fakes 50 passes(elevate after each fake)

5:47pm Passing under pressure
Group of 3 (2 players face each other and one person with the ball, pass to the players feat.  Protect the ball for 3 seconds and then pass back to the passer, then reset and do the same thing with the other player) then rotate

6:05pm - Shooting
2 lines at 6Meters (passer 3 fakes, and pass/Shooter catch and shoot, no fake)

6:15pm add a shot blocker
2 lines shooter can fake and move laterally

6:30pm Clean up

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