Friday, May 14, 2010

South American Games March 2010

So it's been about a couple months since I got back from Medellin Colombia. What a great tournament! I was finally on a national team...I play it off as if it's no big deal, but you know what, it is. It was like the realization of a childhood dream, and to do it with my little bro was even that much better. I worked so hard when I was a kid. I never missed practice...I was a club swimmer and a pretty good one, but polo was my release. I had so much fun doing it, and to be part of a national team is the highest level I can ever hope to obtain.
The first night of the tournament we played Argentina, I tell you it was a blood bath. They scored 6 goals a quarter. Finally in the 4th quarter I was so pissed, embarrassed, that I got the ball on a 6 on 5 from the 1 spot and DONUTED the goalie. The place erupted!!! I mean there must of been no joke 2500 people there. The cheers went on for what seemed like an eternity. I had never been one to celebrate goals, but I did on this one. We ended up losing 24-1 or something crazy like that.
The highlight for me was scoring against Brasil. I'm not gonna lie, I heard stories before I left about them grabbing balls, tearing your eyes out and all that kind of stuff. I was a little scared. I remember in the water after I scored my 1st goal, Steve was like "Dude, watch out, keep your head up!" After the 2nd goal I felt like the man! Instant respect from everyone at the tournament. Sure, our team wasn't very good, but everyone knew who the Carrera brothers were.
As the tournament went on I started gaining more and more confidence. I was the guy...I'm not bragging, I'm shocked that I can still be "that guy"! I'm OLD, I'm not supposed to be the leading scorer!!!
I really started to feel cocky in our last 2 games, we played Peru and we tied them the 1st time we played them. I scored 4 goals and got majored in the 4th quarter with about 2min left.
The next day we lost by 1 and it hurt. I scored 3 goals but I was in emotional pain. In the locker room, once everyone was out, I broke down and started crying..... I was going through so many emotions, I was thankful for the oppurtunity, I was thankful to all my coaches,I was thankful to my parents, I thanked the Lord for watching over me, and I was pissed we lost. It was a moment I will never forget.
I wish I would have written a blog everyday I was there because there is so much stuff that happened but this is what I remember the most. I never considered myself an Ecuadorian, I've been there once in my life (when I was 7), but now I do, and I am proud that I got to represent the country of my origin. Yes, my parents are proud=)

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