Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Apparel message from Mrs. Dillard

Hi Ladies,

I'm Mrs. Dillard (Sierra's Mom). I will be taking care of all the apparel ordering for this season. I need you to please email me what your cap # is going to be and which level you are on (JV or Varsity, or a 3rd I don't know about). Final review and approval of your cap # will be through Ed & Jure prior to ordering.

Regarding sizes I suggest you befriend a returning player that has some of the items and check out how the sizes run before you order what you need or want. Parkas STRONGLY recommended since it will be COLD some days in January & February and it will be your best friend.

Those of you that are new this season WELCOME to the TEAM glad you joined. Those of you returning WELCOME BACK. Each of you has a strength you bring to the team so take the challenge of being a mentor and choose a new team member and share your skills and help them find what their strength is. It's going to be a super year and hope we can all come together and have a few team bonding gatherings. I'm not the Mom in charge of that area but I know the coaches always encourage those activities. I did hear no practice over Christmas break... someone plan a social before break.

I look forward to the upcoming season & continuing my practice of taking action shots & candids to share with the team throughout the season. Who would of known waterpolo is one of the most challenging sports to photograph. Thust lies the fun for me.

My email address is - leeanndillard66@hotmail.com
It's extremely important that in the subject line you have your name and incl Girls NHS waterpolo ROCKS!
Otherwise your message will go to my junk mail.

Thank you.
Mrs. Dillard

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