Monday, June 13, 2011


1. Our website will have all updates and information about what's happening. It will be your responsability as a player to be informed. I will not send emails out or contact you individually, so please make the website your home page or check it frequently.

2. Summer camp will begin Monday June 27, 2011 and end July 29, 2011. Boys will START @ 6am. Please have running shoes/socks, athletic wear, practice speedo/goggles/water bottle. Girls will start at 10:15am, (i realize some of you may arrive tardy because of summer school, that's ok), girls please bring the same gear, and a swim cap to keep your hair out of the way.

3. Before you start working out, please have your physical, emergency card and donation of $175 to the NHS (B or G) WATER POLO.

4. I will not talk to parents during practice times and practices are closed. We will allow spectators to come watch scrimmages that are set up. See calander on website.

5. Have nail clippers on your key chain and make sure finger and toe nails are cut at ALL TIMES

6. Get up to the minute information on your phone using the NHS Water Polo Twitter. Very easy to set up, if you can recieve text on your phone than you can use twitter. It comes in handy when there have been game changes/location changes etc...

7. Suggestion for boys @ 6am, eat light, fruit, wheat bread with jam, etc...drink plenty of fluids.

8. Don't miss practice.

9. Don't be late.

10. Write down you're goal, (goal sheet is attached and will be on the website, print it out) this will be do the 1st day of practice, those of you that forget your goal sheet will have a SPECIAL first practice. CLICK HERE FOR GOAL SHEET

Also, Please note that some of our games may be starting a week before camp begins.

Girls Varsity, you will play Monday night at El Toro HS, beginning JUNE 20. I will post the times on the website when they are available to me.

Boys Varsity, you will play Tuesday night at El Toro HS, Beginning JUNE 21. You will also play a scrimmage on JUNE 23, THURSDAY MORNING vs IRVINE HS @ Northwood, arrive at 7am.

More info will be posted on the website soon.

Thank you,

Ed Carrera
Northwood HS Water Polo
Boys/Girls Head Coach

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