Monday, July 25, 2011

Players participating in JO's DAYS OFF

Those athletes that are competing in JO's will have their last summer camp workout tomorrow and games tomorrow night. You will be off WED, THUR, FRI to properly tapper for the Junior Olympic Tournament.

As of right now the kids that are in JO's are:

Gavin (OC)
Bryce (OC)
Jack (OC)
Tyler (OC)
Johnny (Socal)
Jason (Socal)
Billy (Socal)
Garas (Socal)
Hayashi Socal)
Kian (Northwood)
Glasky (Northwood)
Meador (Northwood)
Christian (Northwood)
Ben (Northwood)
Tim (Socal)
Farrell (Socal)
Vernon (Socal
Vejsicky (Socal)

Please let me know if I forgot your name and you are in the tournament.

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