Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Tournament set up for NORTHWOOD

With a big league game on Tuesday, I didn't want to play 2 games on Monday night. So the tournament director has changed the tournament around.

Normally the winners of the first four games play again that night, but if Northwood wins against
Temescal Canyon, then the losers of the first four games will play again on Monday at 7 & 8 pm. That means
the four winners on Monday would play at 3 & 4 pm on Friday and again at 7 & 8 pm with the teams losing
their first games playing the 5 & 6 pm games. It's really not that complicated if you look at the schedule. The
top two from this group would advance to Northwood on Saturday, the 2nd two go to Beckman, the 3rd two
go to Yorba Linda and the last 2 go to Katella as usual.

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