Monday, December 10, 2012

Pro-Rate for January Session

As of the new year 2013 we will be changing a few things about Woodbury Aquatics:

1. Pro-rate will still be available but we will be very strict on NO MAKE UP DAYS and NO REFUNDS. If you are scheduled to go Monday and Wednesday than those are your days and if you miss there is no make-up. We will not be as flexible because it has become an issue. We will no longer be responsible for illness, injury, etc. If you choose to show up on a day you are not scheduled it is $12 for the day

2. Lessons, if you are a no-show for your lesson you forfeit that lesson.

3. If your swimmer has hair to their shoulders or longer we are going to require that they wear a cap (safety issue).

Last but not least, we understand time restraints but swimming a couple days a week is not a recipe for success. We are strongly recommending that swimmers commit to the full session if you are serious about improvement.
If you are swimming once or twice a week don't expect improvement, that is made to maintain your stamina. The only way to improve is by going to every class!
Happy Holidays!!!

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