Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hectic Week APR 22 to APR 25...I hope

With the Woodbury Pool being down all private lessons will need to be postponed or at SCC. I guess the heater was faulty and it needs to be replaced asap. I cant imagine the pool being down for very long. The only down side is that the pool (SCC) is not available until 5:30pm which is the same time that the groups (that I moved) will be starting and the same time I coach my girls water polo team. That is why I have changed my polo teams practice this week to practice at SCC all week. Going to be a hectic week but I'm not worried about it. SCC is a state of the art facility and I already have a club swim team going there, so we are just going to consolidate the groups. Should be very competitive. I will also be there to monitor everything while I'm coaching my girls polo team. All worked out =)

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