Sunday, June 2, 2013

SoPac Zone Jr. Olympic Qualification Tournament

What a great weekend of water polo for our team and Northwood Water Polo Club.  We ended up winning the Qualification tournament with a record of 4-0, beating Laguna Beach 12-2, SET 17-9, CHAWP 9-2, and United 8-6 in the finals.  
2 things concerned me, first that we let set score 9 goals on us (even though we were in control the entire game), and allowing United to get back in the game in the 4th.  
Versus SET I played the 2nd unit the majority of the 2nd half and really got upset with them about there effort and decision making.  We pride ourselves on being a great defensive team, allowing 9 goals is just way to many.  
The other let up was in the finals vs United.  We got comfortable and stopped playing "Northwood" defense.  We were up 3 with 3 minutes left and they cut the lead to 1.  At that moment we went down to offense, drew a kick out and I called a time out...we executed the play to a T, and ended up winning by 2.  All in all I'm pleased with our improvement but there are many things we still need to improve to obtain our goal.

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