Sunday, June 21, 2009


Player Conduct:

No player will miss practice.  

If practice is missed it will result in 20 x 100yd freestyle, on my desired interval.

If you are sick you will be excpected to be at practice and sit, assist the coach, and/or listen to instructions and game plans/strategies.

Player will NOT miss games.

Players will be respectful towards coaches, officials, parents, and opponents at all times.

There will be no foul language used at any time.

If players have issues, questions, problems, I want to hear the issues from them and not their parents.  I want an open line of communication from all players.

Parent Conduct:

Parents will act in a positive and encouraging manner.

Parents will be in the stands away from officials and will not address them.

There will be no coaching from the stands.

Parents will not approach the bench during games.

I will talk to parents after or before workouts, NOT DURING.  


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