Sunday, March 15, 2020

Workout 1

Day 1
Warm Up 400 reverse IM (no interval)
4X100 Free 1:30

4X50 free on :55

Loosen up
9x50’s 1:00 (fly/back, back/breast, breast/free repeat 3)

8x25 :40 Underwater dolphin odds/Underwater flutter (2 breathes tops)
6X100 2:00 (kick boards -flutter kick)
5X200 3:00 (freestyle pulling with buoy)

Main Set 15X100
5 on 1:40 (choice NOT FREE)
5 on 1:20 (IM) 

5 on 1:10 (Freestyle)


16 Break Outs IM Order


Warm Down
200 choice

Total 5190yds

Warm Up/Loosen up
During the warm up, just make the interval. Take the slow paced interval as a "yoga" stretch in the water with each recovery. Try and elongate your reach through your shoulder blades, to shoulders, to forearm, to your fingers all the way to stretching your toes out on your streamline position.

It's important to always focus on underwater streamline, with an emphasis on oxygen control through your breakout on all swim sets. As well as proper head position through the breakout. During the kick sets focus on consistency over power. Do not let your kick stop for any reason, limit gliding into the wall. Last lap of kick should be aggressive and focused more on the down strike velocity of the kick.

Main Set
you can break up the strokes per 100, entire 100 needs to be the same stroke. You can not do freestyle for the first round. The second round is a 100 IM, Interval is fast so you got to get in and off the walls quickly. You need to also breakout at full speed, don't glide to the point you slow down. Take a 2 min break for water Third round just don't breath in the flag area. Thats it... and sprint. Make the interval 5 Min break into Aggressive Full Speed Breakouts with 3 Strokes, IM Order. If your facility has a block you can use it for this set. The goal is to get to 15 Meters. Warm Down and your done Great Job! Over Hydrate

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