Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Workout 2

IM workout
Warm UP
444 (1000yd)
400 Reverse IM
4x100 Free 1:30
4x50 Free :55

Kick (Fins)
12x25 :40 (300yd)
underwater flutter odds (1st, 3rd, etc) 1 breath if necessary
Dolphins on your back even (2nd, 4th etc) Knees can not break the surface of the water(300)

8x50 1:05 dolphin kick toy soldier position (400)Your body is on the surface of the water with your hips breaking slightly, keep head position still and downward natural position

10x50 1:10 25yd 2 breaststroke pulldowns 2nd 25yd 3 frog kicks and a breathe with a Y pull (500)

8x150 IM order broken (but continuous) (1200)
50 R
50 drill
50 L
For breaststroke pull with a dolphin quick for R and L and streamline breaststroke kick for drill

9x50 IM order:50 (450) (fly back, back breast, breast free) ALl Out Sprints focusing on transitions from wall to wall and stroke to stroke. Engage core.

200 shoulder warm down

Total 4050yds

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